The Anfield Project is a photography project and photobook which I began working on in April 2019. It focuses on the community of Anfield, in Liverpool where Liverpool Football Club is based. I wanted to create a portrait of the area, showing how those who live and work there are transforming the area in to a thriving community, despite it being one of the most deprived parts of the country. Most businesses rely on the football to bring in funds, on match days, the streets will fill with up to 60,000 people, a contrast to the empty streets on an average weekday. 
More recently, grassroots organisations such as Homebaked Liverpool are working to maintain the landscape in Anfield. In contrast to the multi million pound stadium, Homebaked is undoing the damage of the Tory government's Pathfinder scheme by saving houses from demolition and refurbishing them to be affordable homes. 

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